Chad Stewart software executive dedicated to solving problems!

About the founder:

Smart For Marketing LLC. is led by Chad Stewart, a software veteran which has been involved in helping organizations find and use technology since 1996. He takes pride in being a software adviser and consultant trained to deliver results for his clients. He has started and ran a small business and understands the challenges faced by executives doing the same today. He has developed and managed channel business partners, developed strategic alliances with many leading software and service vendors, implemented hundreds of software technologies, and led the revenue growth of several small to mid-sized businesses throughout his work experience. He has a sincere and passionate desire to help others succeed. He believes in technology and knows that with a smart mix of services can enable huge advantage for businesses today.

Company Focus:

Smart For Marketing LLC.  is a company focused on helping our clients develop future client advocates and retain lasting customer advocates. We are a believer in the blending of marketing and sales in order to be successful in business today. This is especially true in the SMB market where many employees perform both duties. We are a company that wants to build upon the success of your prior ventures and help you transform your marketing and sales process to perform better. Through a combination of sales and marketing strategies , customer relationship management software, and marketing automation platforms, we believe that we can create and optimize your buyer’s lifecycle using proven outbound to inbound tactics available today. 

Team of Experts: 

We are not a team of one. Through out our involvement in the industry, we  have assembled a concerted team of highly skilled demand generation marketers, content creators, marketing designers, technology vendors, and solution selling professionals who are focused on delivering solutions designed to meet the unique needs of small to midsize businesses today. We work together to bring your organization a competitive advantage and drive measurable results through consulting on strategy, social selling techniques, demand generation, inbound activities, blogging & Content, to software tools.

Value Proposition: 

Our biggest competitive advantage is our experience in the software industry and the alliance we have nurtured over the years. All of our experience in this field is available to help you in your respective sales and marketing activities. In addition, we have worked with many industries including insurance, manufacturing, distribution, higher education, retail, and most recently nonprofits. We understand the needs and constraints of the small to mid-sized business enterprise.

Empathetic Insights: 

Due to the fact that we understand the dynamics of owning a business and understand the challenge which comes with that venture we are very empathic and conscious of time and money involved in developing a sustainable revenue stream. We are not driven by the almighty dollar, rather truly believe that we are here to serve and utilize the skills we have to help others. And, our staff and network of partners, all share in this spirit. We work with and have available for you smart, driven, technology savvy, and empowered people who are there to do what it takes. Together we are creating the most technically advanced and innovative marketing + sales company in this area focused on helping businesses succeed with technology and vendor partners provide their solutions to address them.

Our Services: 

Our services can be as little or as much as you desire. We have many services which we believe can be crafted to meet your specific situation. That noted, all are services are designed to build value. Whether that be to simply attract visitors to your website, close net new business or help develop your sales and marketing strategy, we are committed to your goals and metrics for success.

We believe in the alignment of marketing & sales, SMARKETING, to deliver smart success.

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Lead Generation

  • Event Acquisition

  • Data Services

  • Competitive Market Analysis

  • Blogging and Content Curation

  • Marketing Automation Services