marketing automation will make your organization be a man

In this article, we will discuss the importance of having a “Social Selling” methodology in place and using “Marketing Automation technology”  as necessary components in “becoming” an organization in the 21st Century.

You’ll be a man before your mama is! This is an expression which my father used to say quite often to many of my friends growing up as a youth. In a joking and playful manner, it usually happened with good friends which he had known for years or younger relatives at the close of visiting with them. You could say that it was one of his “Signature Expressions”, “Tag Lines” or “Parting Words” that got a chuckle out of the guys growing up.

After recently enjoying Fathers Day, I found myself thinking about that expression a bit. And, it was interesting to note that not once through those years (which I can recall) did any of my friends or relatives ask my Dad, “What in the heck does that mean?”. It’s a legitimate question, right? Anyone in their right mind knows that no one is going to be a man before their mom. It’s ridiculous. And, that, in and of itself is what makes the expression funny.

Honestly, looking back , I didn’t think much of the expression growing up. I simply thought of it as a funny way for my dad to play around with my friends and possibly add some humor as we departed. I shrugged it off as just something which made my Dad, well, my Dad. A very hard working affable man, who does his best to do his best. However, on this past Fathers Day, I began to contemplate the meaning a bit.

What does this expression actually mean? Where did the expression come from? And, is there more to this expression than just a lighthearted phrase expressed by my dad throughout the years?

After some searching, Nietzsche, the well-recognized German Philosopher, believed that we were all in a state of “becoming”. In other words, Nietzsche believed that there is no final state of “being”; that we are always evolving & changing.

Hmm? Could the expression actually have merit?  Was my Dad capable of actually coming up with something quite profound? If so, please don’t tell him is all that I could think about! However, after some thought and some deep down humble pie, I have come to conclude that the expression was a way to say that we are always striving “to become”.  Albeit, a little backwards way of bringing a point across, but the expression is quite prophetic. Wow!

The point of my Dad’s “Signature Expression” and “Nietzsche” philosophical belief (wow, never thought those two would ever be in the same sentence) is that whether one is a sales or marketing professional, a sales or marketing department, or for profit or nonprofit organization, we will never become the final entity which we believe we want or can possibly be. One is continually changing, evolving, and becoming. And, whether we focus in one concerted fashion to achieve some level of significance or simply fall into whatever we have become, we are never going to be “finished”. We will always be in a state of “becoming”.

Today, organizations are faced with many challenges but Sales and Marketing is a big one. What once worked in marketing and sales isn’t effective. We live in a “buyers” market now. No longer are the days of “sellers” being in control of the way their audience “sees them”, “connects with them”, and “chooses” to do business with them.

Today, your sales and marketing unit along with your entire organization has a chance to be different from your competition. As an executive, you have a choice now to “become” on the leading edge and embrace the “new” norm or “become” different by remaining the same. We have a choice in how we “become”.

In our mind’s eye, “social selling” is a major shift from old school conventions.  Your sales professionals must embrace the new paradigm. Transparency is the order of the day. And, truly caring about your audience and being authentic is expected and requirement of your “buyers”. In order to perform, sales professionals must be armed with the right tools and skills to be able to provide your constituents with information they need, when they need it, and how they need it. Are you and your organization prepared to do this today?

It’s a fact, “Buyers”  have more information than they have ever had before. As an organization, you have to be able to attract, educate, and continually delight your “future advocates” with information on how your firm understands how to solve their business challenges. In order to “become” able to do this, you must have the right tools found in Marketing Automation software in order to provide your “future advocates” with what they need at the right time throughout their buying journey with you.  Organizations must be capable of nurturing buyers with multiple opportunities for engagement, as opposed to the old philosophy of “show up and throw up” of your content and information.

Social Selling and Marketing Automation is the key

While the expression may be a bit odd and provide a chuckle, the point adds verisimilitude ( I never thought I would be able to use that word, thanks Dr. Hall!).

So, “Will you be a man before your mama is?”

If you would like to discuss how you may embark on a new path or simply would like to chat more about the various software tools available today to help in the area of “social selling” or “marketing automation”, please contact us. Until then, keep SmartThoughts in mind.



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