How do you benchmark lead stages and track your success?

This infographic comes from Maribeth Ross, Chief Content Officer and Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy analyst at the Aberdeen Group, who recently released new research on how Best-in-Class companies are measuring and reporting conversion through lead stages. In a Demand Generation study of 199 marketing and sales professionals from March 2014, 77% of respondents rated visibility into lead performance across marketing lead stages as very valuable. However, only 43% indicate they can do this effectively.

Per Mrs. Ross, “The best way to leverage marketing automation to its fullest is to have the foundational elements in place,” Ross notes. “Having an agreed upon process for lead management with sales and a formal method for reporting conversions is the first step to Best-in-Class performance. For example, proper implementation identifies the stage each lead is in and captures date stamps for when all lead stages are achieved (prior and current).”

The Aberdeen infographic below demonstrates average conversion rates at lead stages from Marketing-Engaged Contact to closed deal. Use these numbers to benchmark your own team’s performance, and download the full report here for more benchmark statistics and a framework for establishing lead stages and tracking revenue success.

Below you will find a great Infographic underscoring the state of demand generation today.

Infographic on Lead Conversion from SmartforMarketing

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