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We wanted to take some time here to take a look at ACT-ON, Marketing Automation Software, and provide some feedback on the program and it’s attributes

from our perspective.


According to Act-On CEO Raghu Raghavan:

“Act-On was created to empower businesses to effectively market online at a fraction of the effort and cost incurred by more complicated systems.”

Product Snapshot: 

Act-On is a cloud-based, month-to-month subscription service that offers:

  • dedicated support for as long as you subscribe to the service
  • quick and easy setup
  • fast startup so that you can begin a less ambitious email campaign and scale upward
  • a month-to-month contract with no long-term commitment
  • pricing based on the number of active contacts/donors you track

For the Small to mid size market, this turn-key, cloud software has many robust marketing capabilities — inbound, outbound and advanced — and includes the following solutions:

  • lead management
  • email creation & delivery
  • open API with options for AMS and Donor Management integration
  • social media campaign creation and management
  • webinar & event communications and management
  • website visitor tracking
  • advanced SEO for websites
  • integration of SEO with wordpress blogs & CMS
  • solid reports

Our Analysis on Fit: 

If your marketing goals include finding the marketing software that can save time, enhance your brand across multiple market sources, e.g., social networking, Act-On can get you set up and running across multi-channels. Act-On can help you focus on your constituents — both potential and existing — by reaching out to where most members hang out nowadays: on line. A key benefit to this cloud-based product is the reporting feature that helps you see how campaigns and programs are progressing. The software displays results in graphical or spreadsheet formats and displays details on:

  • email openings and link click-throughs
  • landing page visits to your web sites
  • form submissions for pledges, attendance, opinion surveys, etc.
  • webinar attendance
  • Twitter retweets

Finally, Act-On allows you to measure your return on investment to see what results are coming in from your marketing campaign spending:

“Being able to see how campaigns and programs are performing is a key benefit of using marketing automation. You can measure campaign results in real-time to get insights into campaign performance, and adjust a campaign on the fly.” — Quoted from the Act-On Website

Learn More: 

If you would like to learn more about ACT-ON, you may find my full review on Trust Radius by clicking here.

I will be reviewing more CRM, Social CRM, and Marketing Automation Software solutions soon! If  you would like to discuss, please contact us . We would enjoy visiting with you.

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