Sales and Marketing for VARS, Solution Providers, & Small Business

Sales and Marketing for VARS, Solution Providers, & Small Business

The decision to hire in-house for a sales or marketing position is often based on company size. A good rule of thumb is if you have over 150 employees or over 50 dedicated sales positions you are usually ready for a senior in-house sales and marketing hire. But generally speaking, small and mid-sized companies find that outsourced sales and marketing support provides the best bang for their buck. They get high-caliber skill sets for a fraction of what an in-house person, with those skill sets, would cost.

Why should you consider outsourcing for Sales and Marketing? 

  1. First, you eliminate your cost of employing marketing personnel, which must include salary and benefits.
  2. Second, other than providing overall strategic direction and product expertise, you won’t need to manage the operational duties of sales and marketing production, nor worry about training for and usage of software support such as Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation Software, or Social Media software tools.

When you hire us, you should assume that you are getting both senior-level smarketing professionals plus a wide-range of skill sets at that firm. When you hire a professional firm like SmartForMarketing we come ready to go, with a wide-range of cutting-edge software skills and solutions in place to benefit your organization.

In fact, licensing costs for many of our marketing solutions utilized are either reduced or built into our fees.

What do our services cost?

We work on a retainer, hourly, or project basis, with costs that may range from $ 5,000 to $14,000 per month for a professional resource dedicated to your organization.

But, there is no one size fits all pricing plan which can be plugged in.

So, depending on the amount and type of work that needs to be completed we will craft a plan for you.

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