Bad data can kill your sales and marketing efforts! 

And, we can help clean up your existing data to be sure that when you are ready to market to clients, it has integrity and is up to date. Further, we can help with obtaining pertinent lists for your needs. We have trained staff qualified to assist you in this effort.

In addition, we work with several providers including the Updentity solution for vendors who provide solutions into the nonprofit industry. Our partner provides a secure means for businesses and organizations to update, consolidate, and deduplicate contact information in a self-service manner. Our solution is cloud based and meant to act in conjunction with users’ current CRM rather than replace it. The system comes bundled with many features allowing users to keep their contacts’ records fresh by updating, consolidating, deduplicating, and backing up contacts securely across platforms, devices, and departments. Phone numbers, email addresses, and physical address fields are updated with the most current update information from a variety of sources including social networks, the Web, and third-party providers.

The solution currently provides contact updates using Facebook and LinkedIn social media integration as well. Below you will find the areas we can help:

Data Services for Solution Providers:

  • Home Contact Information Updates
    Fields such as residential email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, name changes, and more
  • Demographic Data Enhancement
    Fields such as estimated wealth, income, age, gender, and more
  • Date of Birth Enhancement
    Fields include month and year
  • Deceased Flag
    Flag indicating an individual has passed away
  • Organization Information Enhancement
    Fields such as company phone number, sales, estimated range of employees, and more
  • Employment Info Enhancement
    Employment information available for constituents’ that you only have residential information available
  • Census Data Enhancement
    Household size, race, age, and more based on zip-codes
  • Contact Us for Additional Fields
    Nearly 1,000 fields of quality data available

Sales Intelligence for Software Providers:

Targeted Leads Lists

We have worked in the nonprofit community for well over a decade. As a result of this focus, we have curated specific information on organizations and individuals in this vertical. We can provide your business with leads lists making available direct contact to company decision makers. Purchase leads based on zip codes, interests, purchase behaviors, and more.

Sales Analysis & Prediction

Using state of the art technology, Updentity is able to analyze your database and sales history. With this analysis, we can provide a prediction including which of your customers are most likely to donate.

Database Analysis & Training

Marketing Automation Systems, Email databases, donor management software, and CRMs are complicated tools. We can provide an analysis of your database in addition to training you and your staff how to run reports and make the most of your current systems.