Cost Effective Lead Generation for VARS, Solution Providers, Consultants

Lead Generation Overview

Are you a software vendor or consultant who is struggling to start or maintain a flow of steady leads? If you can’t afford someone with experience and are left with “Green” candidates who don’t know the industry or have any track record of success, we have a better way.

Lead Generation in any industry is tough. And, selling the “invisible” of software is even more difficult sometimes.. For many small business owners, new business development is not likely your area of expertise. No worries.

You can depend on SmartThoughts industry-leading expertise and professionals to produce, manage, deploy, and monitor your inbound and outbound email marketing campaigns for maximum impact—so you can spend more time focused on strategy, planning, operations and alignment.

This will free up your time and allow you to take comfort in knowing that you are continually marketing to find the best opportunities for your business.

SmartForMarketing has 20 years of experience in outbound sales and marketing expertise in selling and marketing into the nonprofit industry.

Think of us as your industry advocates. We can provide you the tools and vehicle you need to help you increase leads, measure the results and improve your revenue.

How are we different than other marketing firms?

  • We know the SMB market.
  • We know your industry
  • We know what your buyers want.

Our capabilities span all aspects of AMS, CRM, and donor software product planning, development, marketing and sales. For example, AMS, Association Management Software, vendors have relied on us to:

  • Develop marketing personas
  • Create content that positions their brand as a thought leader
  • Identify qualified prospects to fill their new business pipeline
  • Educate their sales force in techniques that win more opportunities
  • Guide their business toward more profitable customer relationships

We invite you to inquire about any of the following services to advance your company’s agenda.

General Lead Generation Services Include:

  • Traditional outbound services
    • Direct mail
    • Email Marketing Campaign Development
    • Telemarketing
  • Custom Webinars
    • Topical presentations designed to attract AMS buyers and showcase your expertise — hosted by us.
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Database Development:
    • We have an extensive homegrown database available for detailed segmentation to begin the process of reaching out to your targeted market.
  • Sales Presentation Audits
    • Detailed assessment and report on strengths and weaknesses of your best sales presentation and product demonstration.
  • Inbound Content Development:
    • Case Study Development: Case study development to illustrate your product’s impact in the marketplace & publicize it too.
    • White Paper Development: Independent research and analysis, focused on any learning technology or extended enterprise topic of interest.
    • Guest Blogs: Original content written by our team for publication on your blog.

Lead Generation Special Consulting Projects for Value Added Resellers, Consultants, and Software Vendors 

  • AMS, CRM, or Donor Management software and/or technology advisory services, based on your specific needs.
  • Dedicated consulting with your team to determine campaign goals, smart campaign activities (phone, blogging, email, mailers, events), and managed the outcome.
  • Whether it’s a special short-term need due to lack of resources for a product introduction or event.

Lead Generation Must Turn into Profitable Sales

Marketing efforts need to generate leads that ultimately turn into profitable sales. If a particular lead generation program isn’t doing that, it should be improved or discontinued once it has been determined with certainty to be failing.

Bottom line: a good lead generation strategy can increase the number of qualified leads you are getting and help you generate profitable sales. We look forward to hearing from you soon!