Marketing Automation Consulting Expertise

All businesses with a digital presence want to capture leads, nurture them with dynamic campaigns, track all of their web and email engagement, and view individual contact history right from their CRM! But, struggle to make it all work for them.

Many organizations realize that the power of Marketing Technology is paramount in the effectiveness of the campaigns. But, lack the human resources and understanding of how to execute it well.

That is where we can step in to help. As a part of our fractional CMO services, we provide the help you need to run your marketing automation software.

We can assist in better utilizing your existing marketing automation tool in your business or you can opt to utilize the value of a new solution we may help you select.

Together, along with inbound marketing consulting and strategy, we can use marketing automation software to allow you to seize the day.

Marketing Automation Consulting Services: 

You may partner with us to help you roll out the best-in-class marketing automation deployment. Few areas we can team up with you on for marketing automation consulting are:

  • Define and implement best practices for inbound and outbound marketing programs, include nurturing campaigns
  • Lead Scoring and buyer persona development
  • Build Programs to capture leads from all sources (PPC, Organic Search, Referrals, Website etc.) and have the right follow-up plan
  • Integrate website content and resources into marketing programs
  • Deployment and training on Sales Insight for the Sales team
  • Maximizing information passed along from the marketing automation platform to CRM
  • Modeling and building out business processes and lead life-cycle definitions, to help businesses measure conversation rates across each stage of the marketing-sales funnel
  • Identify and build reports, that allows companies to get complete visibility on metrics related to lead conversions, opportunity scorecards and marketing influence on pipeline and revenue (to name a few of the areas)


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