Developing a Sales and Marketing Strategy 

Your strategy is unique. And, your strategic goals for your business are very important as we explore possible solutions for your specific needs. SmartThoughts Strategic System Assessment (SSA) is a detailed consultative engagement to audit and evaluate specific areas in marketing operations, focused on strategies and tactics for greater effectiveness in demand generation and inbound lead management. During our SSA, we work with you closely along with key stakeholders in your organization to gain extensive insight to the current systems and processes used—or not used—in your sales and marketing efforts.

What do we cover in a Sales and Marketing Strategy Session?

We review some of the following:

  • What is your mission? What has been done thus far to accomplish it? What metrics do you use to determine success?
  • What resources do you have in place now to help achieve your goals? What assets are available?
  • Marketing and sales systems integration including CRM, marketing automation, analytics, website/content management
  • Social media expertise and use of these tools in your business today
  • Lead management processes including lead qualification, scoring, nurturing, and routing
  • Demand generation programs, channels, lead sources, and campaign tracking
  • Lead capture process including website landing pages and forms
  • Database structure and list, group, filter segmentation usage
  • SMART Metrics, reporting, and other marketing key performance indicators (KPIs)


VAR Strategy for Sales and marketing success