Software Product Assessments

We believe that our firm is uniquely qualified to help with vendor software product reviews & assessments. Why? Here are several:

  • We have worked with more AMS/CRM software buyers than anyone.
  • We understand the personas of software buyers better than any marketing firm because of our experience buying software.
  • We know the buying process of an association executive because we have led hundreds of software search team.
  • We have a firm grasp on the software vendor landscape because we constantly are evaluating the options in the market place.

Yes, for the last 15 years, we have helped hundreds of organizations select software and worked with over 150 software vendors who provide solutions to the nonprofit marketplace.

The Importance of a Software Product Audit

The crowded software market is crazy. Each and every month, a new software option seems to appear as well. Add these factors up and it makes it extremely challenging for most vendors to know how to differentiate their solution. Not knowing isn’t going to cut it when you have to answer to your executives, employees, venture capitalists, or board.

It’s imperative that each software vendor understands not only their product inside and out but almost equally they need intelligence on the software vendors they do business with and competitors in the marketplace. That’s where we come in!

The objective of our product reviews is to help you mitigate that risk. We will invest the time to study and learn about your company and AMS at a deep and detailed business, product and technical level, and then provide strategic and actionable market insights and analysis that is unavailable elsewhere.

We will help you become crystal clear on the following critical areas:

  • Know your product and competitors
  • Know where your product stands out from the pack
  • Know your product & people assets
  • Know how to market and sale with these key insights in mind

The Benefits of Software Product Audits 

Unfortunately, many AMS (Association Management Software) vendors have incomplete or inaccurate perceptions of their place in the market. They think they know their uniqueness and or differentiators but usually it’s usually just stale insights, anecdotal information, or piecemeal sales presentations from a trade show years ago. Their decisions are made in a vacuum.

Very few software vendors have the time to study the hundreds of AMS vendors. It is tough to get more than a small window of insight into what the broader market or competition is doing and where exactly you fit in. Making strategic choices and investment under these conditions are risky at best.

What benefits are derived in utilizing us for software product assessments, sales, and marketing advisement services?

  • Limit the risk of not knowing enough about your competition
  • Reduced software bias associated using in house resources to do competitive analysis
  • Avoid needless executive & staff time in the effort to review other systems
  • Provide a structured process to the product assessment
  • Immediate insights into the market, competition, & best tactics to use to penetrate the market
  • Quicker and Smarter business decisions with concrete insights (No Guessing)
  • Streamline the decision making process for future developments and marketing spend

Every day, we leverage the AMS intelligence we’ve gathered to help clients select the right solution for their specific needs. In addition, we serve as trusted advisors to AMS vendors who must manage product positioning and roadmaps in today’s complex association environment. The insights we have derived and the experience could be the missing data you need to reach the next level. Let us talk and decide if we can help you!

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