Product Reviews and Assessments

Our Software Expertise:

We believe that our firm is uniquely qualified to help with vendor software product reviews, assessments, competitive positioning, market research, & sales implementation services.

As a result of our experience with helping organizations assess and select software, we know firsthand that purchasing an Enterprise Management Software tool requires a process different from the typical IT purchase procedure. Further, because the Customer Relationship Management Software connects all aspects of the organization, it’s imperative that each vendor understands not only the product they provide but almost equally the vendors available in the market in order to market and sell their solution.

As a result of the crowded software market, there are many software products available to nonprofits ranging from highly customized, full-featured enterprise systems to more standardized online solutions to systems providing a subset of features to meet the needs of a particular industry. There is no single best software product. We believe that the best product for a given organization is one that offers the most strategic capabilities at an affordable cost.

The Importance of a Software Product Assessment

There are several important key items to focus before and during the evaluation of software and the successful implementation of a marketing and sales plan:

  • Know your product and competitors
  • Know where your product stands out from the pack
  • Know your product & people assets
  • Develop a marketing and sales plan with these key insights in mind

The Benefits of Software Product Reviews

Benefits of utilizing us for software product assessments, sales, and marketing advisement services:

  • Reduced software bias associated using in house resources
  • Avoid needless executive & staff time in the effort to review other systems
  • Provide a structured process to the product assessment
  • Immediate insights into the market, competition, & best tactics to use to penetrate the market
  • Quicker and Smarter business decisions with concrete insights (No Guessing)

As a result of SmartThoughts involvement in a product assessment with a software firm, we are helping streamline the decision making process for future developments and marketing spend.

Software Reviews of Membership Software, CRM Software, Donor Software for Nonprofits