Experts in Software CRM and Marketing Automation Software Selection!

Since 1997, we have been helping organizations with software selection engagements. In that time, we have developed valuable relationships with  some of the premier software solutions in the market and been involved in hundreds of Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation Software engagements. And, we are constantly searching so you do not have too!

Throughout the process of working with clients and partner vendors in the market, we have perfected a Smart methodology for evaluating software tools.  Our software selection advisers are experts and bring many years of intellectual capital in our knowledge base to provide you with the most effective and efficient process to find the best suited solution for your organization.

One Size does not fit all! 

Like Software, there is not one size fits all for services either.

That said, our services can be as simple as a one hour paid phone call up to and including a detailed hands on Smart Software Selection engagement with your organization.

Why would you explore this option? 

Knowing that this is a big decision, you may need to ask yourself the following questions to determine what assistance, if any, you need in your situation:

  • Are the goals clearly stated and shared by all stakeholders?
  • Can this task be delegated to someone who can “Challenge” the status quo and gain consensus?
  • Does my staff have the aptitude in technology to handle a project such as this?
  • Does my staff (and you) have the time to devote to handle the discovery process?
  • How quick is a decision needed?
  • Do you know how you will you decide?
  • Can your designated representative gain consensus on the appropriate selection?
  • What is the proper amount to allocate for software solutions today?
  • Do we have a good grasp of the requirements?

Are you looking for a Sales and Marketing Software?

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