Training for VARS, Consultants, and Software Providers Selling to NonprofitsWhy Train Your Sales Team? 

One of the leading reasons why software fails is lack of training. However, even worse than lack of training on software is understanding the market you sell to.  For many years, we have been involved in helping organizations with sales and marketing initiatives. Throughout our history, we have witnessed first hand how important it is for small to midsized business executives to stay on top of the training and efforts made by their staff.  

When Sales Training works! 

We understand that many business owners and leaders believe that sales training doesn’t work. And since many of them are referring to single, quick-fix events—they’re right! That kind of short-term training does not produce lasting results. We are different because we take a hands on approach to helping with the development of your team members. Like Software, there is not one size fits all to prescribe a solution to how to go to market.

We believe in implementing techniques which work and will help with developing metrics to determine what success looks like for your organization. We will visit with your staff and discuss what they are doing today and what they are having challenges overcoming before recommending any steps or action to take. 

CRM and Marketing Automation Training:

We are big proponents of customer relationship management software and using various techniques to reach your audience. We can educate your staff on the necessary steps to prepare a plan, approach the execution to facilitate the plan, and train your team on various tools used to execute it successfully. After our initial training and coaching is provided, we are there to help with on going “coaching” and suggestions on how to tweak or provide additional training in various areas. 

New Hire! We Provide Industry Specific Sales training 

If you are in the hiring mode or simply need to sharpen the saw, we can help too. We can craft a training program for your team which mirrors your strategy and approach to selling into the nonprofit market. We can work with “green” recruits or even experienced executives who may need some guidance in starting to sell in the nonprofit industry. Selling into the nonprofit industry is unique and takes some time but it can be very rewarding. We can help make it better faster!