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The Passion and Skill for Marketing Automation Software

What is Marketing Automation Software? Per HubSpot, Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions.

Today, the term “marketing automation” has become a buzz-word, where marketers seek out marketing automation software under the impression that all of the digital marketing tools necessary for growth, including those needed to generate new leads, roll up under the hood of marketing automation. This misconception leaves many marketers with sophisticated tools to automate the middle of their funnel, but no solution to generating new leads to nurture in the first place.

If you came from the days of Contact Management software and have seen the maturation of the marketing tools today, it’s mind blowing to the say the least. While Marketing Automation is a bit misleading or to broad, we believe it’s a myriad of technologies which can and should be used to help an organization succeed in being found and communicate ongoing with their customers. Here are a few specifics in terms of features which your small business could enjoy and utilize:

  • Email marketing
  • Video email marketing 
  • Landing page creation
  • Form creation
  • Cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Segmentation of lists
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Automated programmatic scheduling of campaigns
  • Measuring ROI of marketing campaigns
  • Website personalization and profiling of visitors
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • Track and respond to digital body language

Passion For Marketing Automation Software:

That said, we believe in technology and finding the right tools you need. And, we have a passion for Marketing Automation software technology today. At its best, marketing automation is software and tactics that allow companies to buy and sell like Amazon — that is, to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers. Without question, Marketing Automation software (MA) and CRM go hand and hand.

Because of this, we work with many leading marketing automation system on the market today. We are not enamored by any one particular option or options. All of the marketing technologies if used correctly can be very powerful tools, and if properly integrated and leveraged they can deliver tremendously valuable insight into the digital body language of your future advocates and customers. Yet keeping these complex systems maintained and properly integrated is challenging for many, due to limited in-house resources or lack of best-practice expertise and experience.

Marketing Automation is key in winning the race for VARS

Services Are Key for Success with Marketing Automation Software:

Whether you are implementing Marketing Automation for the first time, replacing an existing system, or enhancing and customizing your marketing processes, we can help with the strategic guidance and technical know-how you need. We focus on helping you not only to use CRM effectively in tandem with MA, but also to go beyond the basics. We do not purport to know everything about Marketing Automation but we believe we have enough know how to extract the maximum value from the Marketing Automation system & CRM functionality that you might not otherwise consider leveraging. At the same time, we can reduce the risk and costs of your Marketing Automation projects—and get fast results.

Marketing Automation Software for VARS, Solution Providers, & Consultants