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Engagement and Community at Every Level

What is Private Community Software? The dictionary definition of “community” includes the quality of distinctiveness – a quality that is important to think about. A community will not be satisfied with just any experience, but a distinctive and original experience that allows everyone to better function, create and innovate.

The bottom line is that organizations must provide their customers, members, and prospects a secure location to interact, engage, and build value. Communities can certainly take on many shapes and forms. A social community is one in which people are invited to come together online to learn, educate, mentor and discover more about themselves, their work and their colleagues. A social community functions best when interactions are easy, make sense, are secure and intuitive. The foundation upon which this community is built, therefore, must bring sound technical functionality as well as flexibility to ensure it can adapt to the community’s unique needs, personality and goals.

SmartThoughts has selected Higher Logic as our preferred community platform for nonprofits, associations, and commercial needs. We believe that Higher Logic’s Online Community platform is flexible, scalable, and easy to work with, allowing organizations of any size to create a vibrant community of their own.

Value of Community Software by Higher Logic

The Core Features of Community Software 

  • Directories: Create a private social network for members to manage industry profiles, form communities, and connect with peers and colleagues.
  • Automation Rules: Stay organized and active with rules-based logic to improve targeted communications and effectively track conversion metrics.
  • Discussions: Give community members a place to collaborate, ask questions, provide answers or resources, and discuss the hot topics of the day.
  • Mobile Friendly: Deliver a useful, relevant, and smooth community experience for all members that adapts to virtually any screen size or mobile device.
  • Resource Library: Build a knowledge base of best practices, go-to-market plans, sample documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and more.
  • Wiki Glossary: Give your community members ownership of a dictionary to create, edit and add industry terms, and help educate each other.
  • Event Calendar: Provide a single source of updated information for your events and make it simple for users to find and engage the ones that matter most to them.

Services Are Key for Success with Community Management Software:

Whether you are implementing a community for the first time, replacing an existing system, or enhancing and customizing your customer processes, we can help with the strategic guidance and technical know-how you need. We focus on helping you not only to use a private community effectively in tandem with other systems such as marketing automation, but also to go beyond the basics. We do not purport to know everything about community best practices but we believe we have enough know how to extract the maximum value from the online community software system & CRM functionality that you might not otherwise consider leveraging. At the same time, we can reduce the risk and costs of your online community projects—and get fast results.

Whether you need dedicated support for actively managing cases and troubleshooting, or your community would benefit from a designated community manager for strategy, nurturing and reporting, We provide unparalleled passion and management skills for all of your communities. Take a look at our community management packages to determine which would be the best fit for your organization.