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Build Relationships, Manage Deals and Grow Your Business The Nimble CRM Way to Connect, Engage, Nurture and Close Customers While Mobile

Nimble today released Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0, a social sales and marketing CRM and pipeline manager for mobile teams and professionals.  Nimble unifies contacts from siloed mobile, cloud-based and desktop records into a comprehensive relationship manager for you and your team.  Contact data sources include Office 365 or G Suite, more than 100+ cloud-based business apps and social platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

In addition, Nimble generates detailed dossiers, including social context, sales intelligence and history of engagement for everyone you meet.

After meetings, Nimble enables you to quickly and easily follow up and and follow through on opportunities across all deal stages, prompted by automatic reminders and via easy access from smaller, more portable devices.  

According to Nimble CEO, Jon Ferrara,

“The single most effective way to kill a deal is neglecting to understand people’s needs and failing to deliver expedient, relevant responses. We designed Nimble Mobile as a personal CRM that you can take with you everywhere you work, so you’re better prepared to manage personal business relationships at scale and take appropriate steps to evolve opportunities to help you grow.”

Now available on iOS, Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0 will be available to Office 365 and G-Suite users on Android this spring.  It’s available at no additional cost to paid Nimble users.  Subscribers to the Nimble Contact plan can upgrade to Nimble Business to access deal pipelines.

What’s New in Nimble Mobile 3.0:

Easy access to your golden rolodex everywhere you work.

Access detailed dossiers including historical email and Twitter conversations, as well as social insights about the people you’re meeting and the companies that matter to you.  Discover social profiles, areas of influence, job titles, company descriptions and work experience directly from email, calendar, contacts; social apps such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; and anywhere the iOS Share Menu is supported.   

Nimble CRM Agenda


Click to access dossiers, including social insights and history of engagement from your calendar, email, contacts, social apps and more.

The ability to research new contacts on the fly

Using the iOS Share Menu within mobile apps or browser, tap the Nimble logo to discover people’s social profiles, areas of influence, job title, company description and work experience.

Nimble builds new contact profiles in two clicks:

Nimble CRM for small biz in DFW

Here it is as a GIF:

Business card scanner creates new records from stacks of business cards.

Nimble collects the name, title, company, email, address, and phone numbers, and builds enriched records in seconds.  Simply click “Scan Business Card”; focus on the card and confirm:

Nimble CRM Shared Menu Link for Small Biz in DFW



Email, Calendar, and Twitter conversation sync  chronicles your history of engagement, without requiring time-consuming, manual data entry.  Records are synced with the Nimble CRM across devices and platforms.         

Nimble CRM Twitter Thread for Small Business in Fort Worth Texas


Send templated emails and add open-and-click tracking.

 Save time using email templates with custom merge tags and pre-set attachments to contacts in your personal database. Enable message tracking to monitor engagement.


Templates in NImble CRM are available now for small business

Sales pipeline manager.

 Nurtured properly, relationships leads to measurable business outcomes you can track using Nimble Mobile’s pipeline manager. Manage sales across multiple pipelines to help you stay on top of your various opportunities across any public relations, marketing, business development or fundraising opportunity you have.  Log notes using mobile voice commands, assign follow-up tasks, and schedule reminders to follow through with your opportunities.

Pipeline Tracking in Nimble CRM in Fort Worth Texas

Multiple pipelines gives teams the advantage of tracking all these separate business opportunities in Nimble as their single system of record, without returning to your desk or resorting to using multiple applications, spreadsheets, or worse, sticky notes.


Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0 is available to for all Nimble accounts at no additional cost. Add it on the iOS App Store or Google Play. Subscribers to the Nimble Contact plan can upgrade to Nimble Business to access deal pipelines. Intersted in learning more, sign up for your free trail now here


Free Demonstration Overview Here 



SmartThoughts provides Nimble CRM and their new Smart Contacts app for small biz

Another Exciting Release for the Smart Contacts App

The momentum keeps on going at the Social CRM Social Intelligence headquarters. Nimble CRM took all the feedback they received from their valued customers & partners then combined that with the latest designs from their new Nimble mobile app and completely rewrote the browser extension. Now that’s responsive design! As a result of the news release, we wanted to let our community of small business owners know about the news about this update to the Nimble Smart Contacts App.


What does it do? 

The updated Smart Contacts Widget for the Chrome Browser, now lets you add, view, update and message contacts to nurture relationships in every App in your browser with the click of a button. This save tremendous amount of time. If you recall, you had to go into Nimble to perform some of these aspects, now you can simply stay put and take action right in the browser, anywhere.

The Smart Contacts Widget has been updated.  SmartThoughts provides the #UnCRM to  #smallbiz

The Power to be Nimble

Nimble reviews information from dozens of sources around the web, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, AngelList, Instagram, Foursquare and more to collect public information into an invaluable resource that helps business professionals be better prepared for sales calls, meetings and interviews. With Nimble, business people are always ready to connect in smarter, relevant and authentic ways with their contacts, prospects and customers powered by intelligent insights.

Nimble Delivers Smart Contacts Everywhere You Work

The new Nimble Chrome app is the latest release of Nimble Smart Contacts Insights that has been announced over the past few months. Nimble has extended its pioneering Relationship Manager to work everywhere their customers work. Nimble now delivers critical contact context and intelligent relationship insights in Chrome, Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, Safari, Firefox, Hootsuite, Native Mobile apps for Apple iOS, Android and soon Salesforce.

Key Features of the new Chrome app include:

  • Smart Social Relationship Management: Nimble combines your contacts from Google Contacts, Outlook and Apple Address Book. It then maps and discovers the most important contact information on the web (Twitter, AngelList, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, Instagram and more), connects your email, calendar and social interactions and then keeps it up to date and in sync on a daily basis.
  • Easily Import/Update Social Contacts: from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Angel list or any browser-based app with our new one-click Nimble Browser button and smart sidebar app.
  • Nimble Automagically Matches Contacts Social Profiles: Nimble removes the detective work required to find contact details by auto-magically mapping your contacts social profiles and consolidating the key background information you need into a digital dossier, giving you all the relevant information you’ll need before reaching out.
  • Get Intelligent Relationship Insights: Nimble searches the web and social networks to deliver insights to provide context about your contacts: mutual interests, shared passions, and important moments making it easier to be prepared for the people you’re meeting with.
  • Stay top of mind with Stay In Touch Reminders: Since Nimble automatically logs email conversations and social connections it’s easy to set a Stay In Touch cycle and let Nimble remind you to Stay In Touch.
  • Simply Organize Contacts with Tags, Tasks and Notes: Effortlessly organize contacts with tags, log details about the people you meet with notes and remember to follow-up with tasks.
  • Enjoy a Completely Redesigned User Experience: We took the design concepts we learned from building our mobile app and completely re-wrote our widget to be more intuitive, smarter, and faster.
  • Take Action Within the Nimble App: Send emails, Twitter DM’s and Facebook messages to key contacts from the app.

Don’t take their word for it! The CRM experts say:

“I am addicted to Nimble’s Chrome App! It’s is my favorite social selling tool for nurturing my core network of business relationships everywhere I work!,” said Zachary Jeans, Analyst at Tourizing, a noted Social, Mobile and Salesforce consulting firm. “I love how Nimble’s New Chrome App gives me contact insights and social Smart Summaries directly inside the places I need it most like my inbox, Twitter, LinkedIn and even in my Salesforce CRM.”

Feedback on the Smart Contacts Widget by other Social Selling Experts:

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Would you like to take a quick view of Nimble Smart Contacts App? 

[youtube width=”500″ height=”500″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvYFX9Q3e5c[/youtube]

Our Thoughts, we hope you find them Smart: 

Back in 1997, I was first introduced to the concept of Customer Relationship Management. During the early days, I provided many seminars to small business owners in order to explain what the concept or strategy of CRM was and how to take advantage of it with new technologies on the market. Today, there is a new way to do business. And, our old ways must die.  Small business owners must embrace the pendulum shift to a new Zeitgeist. It’s time to get Nimble! CRM is fun and exciting once again.

Want more hands on experience? Sign up for your social intelligence CRM manager review now. 


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